mLearning Is Not eLearning

This is an informative article about the use of mobile devices as educational aids (mobile learning – mLearning) as opposed what we have been discussing in this course as online learning or eLearning.  The article explores difference between mLearning and eLearning through four categories – information access, context, assessment and timing. The article can be found here.

Design Toolbox

Dr. Gil Dekel at the University of Southampton is a learning technologist who maintains a website that includes free resources, strategies and learning technologies.  These include a number of very interesting but non-traditional articles. Gil’s Design Toolbox provides some innovative and very different ways to use technology in educations and manages to skewer a few common myths along the way. Worth checking out here.


RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or sometimes, Really Simple Syndication – in general terms the capability offered by this service is called a “Web feed”. Based upon a subscription model, RSS can be used to automatically subscribe to updated content. Subscribing to an RSS feed negates the need to check individual blogs or websites for updates. This can be a useful tool for the student as a means to gather social content for summarization or analysis.

Social Presence

The COI at Athabasca University has some introductory information about Social Presence that you can find here.

Social presence is the ability of learners to project their personal characteristics into the community of inquiry, thereby presenting themselves as ‘real people.’ Instructors can intentionally apply social presence principles to enhance the learning experience.