OTL201 – Post 3

Post 3 – Analyzing Social Presence

A link to my Learning Activities Portfolio:


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David Kumka

David Kumka is a former high school teacher and college instructor who left teaching some time ago. After spending the last 30 odd years as an IT consultant, and stopping along the way to pick up and M.Sc. in IT and a Ph.D. in Information Systems, David has returned to teaching as an OLFM. And is quite happy to be back!

2 thoughts on “OTL201 – Post 3”

  1. A brief comment on this assignment. Somewhat confusing to say the least. The difficulty associated with this lesson is directly related to choices the student made when selecting the theme for the blog.

  2. A comment on my previous comment. The WordPress theme that I chose for my blog support only one menu. Although the instructions for Post 3 said to create a new menu that pointed to my Learning Activities Portfolio, this wasn’t possible with only a single menu available. Eventually I solved the problem by embedding categories as sub-menus in the header. Now I have a labelled item on my header that references by Learning Activities Portfolio!

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