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A bit about me…

It would be difficult to identify a single vacation spot that could be called a favourite. But a vacation spot  that is indeed memorable would be Liard Hot Springs in north eastern British Columbia. It’s a natural hot springs located  within a Provincial park on the western flank of the Northern Rocky Mountains. Remote, beautiful country accessible via the Alaska Highway – a long way from anywhere but well worth the journey. 

The last novel I read was one of the Longmire Mystery series by Craig Johnson. Having watched the television series of the same name on Nexflix, I was curious as to whether the television series was closely based upon the novels. Happily, that was not the case. While the Wyoming of the novels includes many of the same characters and places as portrayed in the television series, many of the tales in the novels are richer and contain far more humour than portrayed on television.

And, some initial thoughts about online learning…

One of the most important characteristics of a high quality online learning environment is collaboration. Speaking from experience, I found that grad school courses that involved collaboration between students from many different countries and backgrounds to be the most rewarding. For those involved in Information Technology at least, it was both surprising and at the same time reassuring to discover that in spite of cultural differences, we had a great deal in common when it came to the workplace.

One of the most interesting facets of online learning for me concerns asynchronous learning. It has been surprising to me just how effective the mode can be. However, it does place an onus on both the instructor and the student to be precise. Very precise given that there can be considerable delays inherent in resolving communications that are imprecise or incomplete.

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David Kumka

David Kumka is a former high school teacher and college instructor who left teaching some time ago. After spending the last 30 odd years as an IT consultant, and stopping along the way to pick up and M.Sc. in IT and a Ph.D. in Information Systems, David has returned to teaching as an OLFM. And is quite happy to be back!

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  1. I am planning to travel north in BC/Yukon this summer so I put your hot springs recommendation on my list! Thank you!
    A great book I just read was “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt. Really enjoyed this! (I read 7 books on my most recent, 3-week backcountry hiking adventure! Gotta love Kindles 🙂 …)

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